Time for change…

After 10 years in higher education, it is time for a change.

This last year has really pushed me to my limits. I was assigned a new director, passed up for a big opportunity I thought was my future, and decided to focus on Goal Digger.

I went outside of my comfort zone and admitted I do not know everything I wanted to know about having my own business. I challenged myself and enrolled in a 9-week Co.Starters program through Mill Race in Cedar Falls. In the first week, we were encouraged to set goals for throughout the program. The first thing I did, was write down and tell a few others my main goal was to make the decision of what Goal Digger was for me – a side hustle (safe), part-time gig (safe, with a little crazy thrown in because there are not enough hours in the day), or my new full-time adventure (for the risk taking part of me I do not call on often). 9 weeks sure feels like a long time, until you live it. With each week, I considered if I was ready to take the leap and do my own thing. What would this look like? What would this mean for me? My family? Was I capable of having my own business? Was I enough? Did I have the guts to really do this? Do I know what I am doing?

So many things went through my mind each week, but no matter how tired I was by Tuesday, those Monday nights were something I looked forward to focusing on, growing my ideas, thoughts, skills, and confidence in MY abilities and MY business. I found a way to manage the homework of Co.Starters, my homework from Creighton, and my grading and prep for Wartburg. I found energy each week with starting to truly see the impact I could have if I were only willing to take a risk on myself and Goal Digger, create life of leadership for myself, my family, and future clients. Part way through the program, I started to truly see the possibilities and wonder the what ifs. I tested myself by writing a letter of resignation and letting it sink in what that would mean and look like. I finally decided I needed to do this and truly do it. Putting myself all in means leaving my full-time job at Wartburg College at the end of the semester and focusing on the future I want to have. That future is Goal Digger.

I am excited to announce, I am the Founder, Leadership Coach, and Gallup Certified Strengths Coach for Goal Digger. Goal Digger is dedicated to challenging you to find your purpose through self-awareness and accountability. We want you to realize your potential. Strategize a plan to advance yourself and achieve your goals.

I look forward to so many of you being a part of the journey that starts now. Check out my website at YourGoalDigger.com

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Please reach out with your leadership training, coaching, and facilitation needs and questions, and tell your friends. I’ll be offering my services for not just professionals but anyone who truly wants to live the Goal Digger life.

Your support will make all the difference in this journey!

Your Goal Digger (and new risktaker!),


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